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    Wolf Creek Dam Holding Water?

    they have been generating wide open since early march trying to pull the lake back down. had it below 700 last week but the recent rains have taken care of that. my understanding is no more significant release thursday or friday and zero saturday and sunday. game on monday though, back to...
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    yea i don't think breeding season is quiet over yet either.
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    When to tell the CO

    there are times you probably should call the CO to report activity. although, i think most of the time these problems could be handled ourselves or at least try to be handled. go ask the neighbor about baiting, maybe he doesn't know or maybe he thinks he's so sneaky no one will notice. go...
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    4 Bearded Tom

    great bird!
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    Opening Morning Suprise

    that's awsome! shooting them close is great, no meat damage.
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    Struggling..little gobbling

    not been the best year for birds to cooperate here either. saw 4 strutting with one lone hen today and they wouldn't say a word and had no interest in more company.
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    When to tell the CO

    this dude wanted to call the law on a family member but couldn't because he was affraid he'd know who told on him?!? i just think it's funny that his biggest problem was being called out for snitching. i'm all for standing up for our hunting rights but we as hunters can stand up and help out...
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    When to tell the CO

    hahaha. This would have to sum up why people don't like rats!
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    Where will you be Turkey hunting opening weekend?

    adair, green, and maybe metcalfe county.
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    When to tell the CO

    that's the dumbest thing i have ever heard. no, u can't get in trouble for what your neighbor does across the property line. use a little common sense. people should spend a little more time worrying about themselves and their own actions and less time policing the world.
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    An Almost in SD

    cool vidio. better luck nxt time!
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    If Gov't shuts down...

    where can you read the publications about the shut downs?
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    Time for a third tag in the spring??

    i think a 3rd bird in the spring is a great idea. somehow i get the feeling that if this was done i believe there would be a fee for the 3rd bonus tag, im sure KDFW would want a cut of any xtra we get. none the less, we all love eating those black birds and the only thing better than 2 birds...
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    Scope on a shotgun?

    unless u have some problems like mrdux i think it's just person preference. i’ve killed birds with both but shoot a scope today. If you chose a dot scope replace batteries at the start of every season. Nothing worst then getting out there to find you forgot to turn it off the day before and...
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    The Best Sounding Slate&Glass Call Made Lets Here Them!

    Derby City game calls made in Louisville KY! They are all custom made and sound GREAT!!!