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    December 8th hunt

    Thanks everyone. I was excited to see him coming after passing numerous other bucks all year
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    December 8th hunt

    Made it to the tree stand about 6:40 Saturday and sat until 9:30 and only saw 2 young bucks. Went back out around 2 Saturday afternoon and had plenty of does and younger deer including a 9 point I’ve became real familiar with this year. About 4:30 I caught movement about 60 yards to my left and...
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    End of the season

    He knows how to hide and when to hide. Somehow he's managed to stay off every camera of mine once season rolls around
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    End of the season

    He shows up every spring and summer but disappears lay august early September.
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    End of the season This pic won't load for some reason so if somebody can get it to that would be great
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    End of the season

    Ending my season with no buck to tag out with but I went for a walk while going to pull down a treestand and happened on a shed from 2014-2015 season that made my entire last 3 seasons worth every minute I spent watching this guy and chasing him. I walked up on his shed picked it up and knew...
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    will he make p&y

    I'd say no. I think he'd make 115-120 but it's a odd pic to judge
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    Outfitter hunt

    I'm wanting to whitetail hunt. I just want to get out and do some extra hunting along with all I do here
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    Outfitter hunt

    my wife and I have been talking about taking a hunting trip next year and I'm just wondering which state and outfitter anybody would recommend if you have been on one
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    When to hunt

    In 10 years she will be hunting with me. Hunting is one of my releases and passions so I think ill keep doing me.
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    When to hunt

    Or maybe I know how to make time for everything
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    Saturday evening

    Just got in my stand but the deer I wanted to show hasn't been on camera all week. So it may be a boring night
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    Want to wax your truck??

    If you think that's high look up Zymol royale
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    I must be overlooking it...

    Still a better candidate than Hillary. Having to go back a decade and stir up shit shows you just how desperate dems are. That video means nothing compared to Benghazi and all the other crap Hillary has done.
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    Rut Already??

    I've had scrapes in my fields now for 2 weeks I don't think it means the rut is here though

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