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    10/19 thread

    Savage ML 10 if you can find one.
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    Thanksgiving eve

    In the tree. North Todd. Nothing happening yet.
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    I think tomorrow will be one of the best days to go deer hunting. says 5 mph wind. Add 22 mph to that in North Todd Co. It's vicious. Saw a big Bob cat and that's all.
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    Nice deer. Good luck to the young man. Hey did you get that china cell cam working?
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    300 WSM 150 Grain Ballistic Tip

    Yes I was deer hunting. I love the 300 don't think the recoil is bad myself but yeah they are loud lol
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    300 WSM 150 Grain Ballistic Tip

    Hit in top of front shoulder exit thru the gut
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    Road Kill Report

    Bowling Green to North Todd Co today. One fresh dead slick but did see a 2.5 yo high rack eight chasing a doe at 9:54am. It's not prime but getting close.
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    Onboard charger question

    I bought this on ebay for 99.00. 8amp two bank. I love it.
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    4th annual wounded warrior hunt

    Wonderful program. Bless our service men and women and thank you for your service.
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    One inspired hunter

    Excellent Job young man. Bless you carbon hunter for your time and love sharing the outdoors.
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    2015-16 Deer harvest photos

    That sir is a nice one. Congratulations
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    Pic of 300" ohio buck

    Great deer don't think it's 300? But I would shoot it baaahaaa
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    Kenny's First Turkey!

    Excellent job. Congrats to Father and son.

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