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    Ant rig / clear creek:)

    :highly_amused: Now that is funny...
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    Last time your license was checked?

    This past early wood duck season near Barren Lake. Same time and place as last year.
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    Uncle lee's closing their doors
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    Wall of Fame - Kentucky Deer Classic

    Just a heads up. There are a few more open spots for the Wall of Fame at this year's Classic. If you are interested in participating, fell free to send me a private message and we will trade the information needed. Adult participants who are invited are given: $25 Gift Card to Uncle Lee's A...
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    Decal Giveaway

    Winners, be sure to send me a pm with your shipping address to claim it.
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    Decal Giveaway

    Congrats! :)
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    Decal Giveaway

    Not every gets a trophy just for playing on a team, right? Wait we are in 2014 and we....nevermind I'll just stop there. HAHAHA
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    Decal Giveaway

    Right here:
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    Decal Giveaway

    I'll consider that, why not!
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    Decal Giveaway

    I decided to give away 3 decals and here are the winning post numbers...
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    July 4 th sunrise

    Looks great!
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    Decal Giveaway

    Recommendations are always welcomed! Just can't hold any promises!
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    Decal Giveaway

    And the thread was going so well.....until
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    Decal Giveaway

    Can't promise anything!
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    2014 Wall of Fame - Kentucky Deer Classic

    We are well into the preparation of the Kentucky Deer Classic and the Wall of Fame. We will be taking up to 20 bucks this year for the Wall of Fame. If you have a mount that you would like to have featured, send me a pm and we will get in contact with you. We would like mounts from this past...