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    Orange army deer watch 2013

    I hunted from the crack of daylight til 12:30 in Washington County. Has a 6 pointer really intrigued by my buck bomb to the point that be almost came right in the barn with me. Saw two does out of range at 8:30. That was about it. Contemplated hunting again this evening but the wind talked me...
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    Strange things you've found in the woods?

    According to him it was a big bonfire. He didn't think it was the Klan. He said the robes weren't as sharp.
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    Anyone hunt Washington County around Willisburg?

    Will do Dewey. About to send you a PM.
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    Anyone hunt Washington County around Willisburg?

    I will definitely keep that in mind! Thanks pentail.
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    Anyone hunt Washington County around Willisburg?

    Thanks friend. Again, the farm itself isn't that great but I've heard the area is good. Looking forward to it!
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    Anyone hunt Washington County around Willisburg?

    I just got permission to hunt a farm in that area and will be headed down there opening day on Saturday. It isn't the best farm for hunting as hunting areas are limited due to the proximity of cattle and residential houses but it is nice to have a fairly local spot besides my main tract of land...
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    Strange things you've found in the woods?

    This didn't happen to me but to a close friend of mine. Back where I grew up in East, TN there is an area in the Citico Mountains called Jeffrey's Hell. It contains an incredibly dense rhododendron-laurel thicket that has been the focus of many hunting stories and ghost tales over the years...
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    Fall Fishing - Cedar Creek Lake

    I'm a fairly new bass fisherman and have zero Fall weather experience. Any tips or patterns to start with? Has anyone fished Cedar Creek in the past week and how well did you do? Thanks! Cameron
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    Yuppie Deer Hunters

    Hey I resemble that! Before I got my SUV.
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    Mountain Lion Question

    I caught that one as well.
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    Any suggestions or advice on taking a good hunting trip somewhere?

    I have primarily hunted public land in TN and a mix of private and public in Kentucky. I've always wanted to take an elk trip or hunt whitetail or mule deer in another location. I have no idea where to begin. Any good recommendations for tags, outfitters, etc that is doable for the average...
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    Monster from Winchester area

    Whoooo! Monster deer and a Vol fan to boot!
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    rattling products

    Nothing big but last year I rattled in two young bucks with the disc rattling device from Knight and Hale. I think it is called the pack rack. On one occasion I was on the ground and thought a little fork horn was going to attack me!
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    He's ready

    Great job! Makes me think of the magic of just beginning to hunt when I was 11 years old. Nothing like that first deer!
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    Thinking about trying out Taylorsville Lake WMA tomorrow...

    Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up heading to Kleiber WMA. Walked my tail off and saw some deer but nothing even close to being in range. As for the Coosa I do have some lights but appreciate the advice about Taylorsville and boat traffic. I have mainly fished smaller lakes and streams...

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