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    Looking to lease

    Looked at those already. The ones I liked are all leased!
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    Looking to lease

    I know this may be a long shot, but I’m looking for a deer lease for 4 hunters. We are family/best friends and have hunted together for a long time. I would like to stay within an hour or so of Lexington. Let me know if you have something or know of something available. Thanks!
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    Got my target buck yesterday 11/15.

    Thanks guys!
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    Finally got it done!

    Nice deer!
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    Crossbow kill 11/4

    Congrats on the nice deer! Hopefully everything goes well well with your surgery. Prayers for ya!
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    Is Hunter Participation Down?

    From what I've seen I think hunter participation is down some. I think the full moon and warm weather have kept some of them from hunting. But as far as the hunting goes, I've seen a bunch of deer. And to be honest, I've been lazy about getting out. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I never got in...
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    7yrs in the making...

    Nice buck! Congrats!
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    Got my target buck yesterday 11/15.

    Thank you littlebear!
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    Got my target buck yesterday 11/15.

    Hopefully someone can help me with pics if I text them. I got him on camera about a week before gun season. I saw him Tuesday evening but couldn't get a shot. Wednesday morning him and 5 other bucks were chasing a hot doe about 7:30. That afternoon just before 2, he came through the...
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    Tough season got it done today

    Nice deer! Congrats!
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    Canadian outfitter advice

    Thanks Greg I will call you.
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    Got a tall 6 point yesterday

    His number is 859-230-8017
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    Deer processor ?

    Sonny Whitson on Falmouth is really good. 859-230-8017
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    Canadian outfitter advice

    looking for advice on an outfitter if any of you have been. I'm thinking Saskatchewan but open to other areas. Let me know what you guys think.
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    November 15th

    Had a group of 5-6 bucks chasing a hot doe this morning. One was a shooter, the rest were small. Saw a big one last night that I'm holding out for.

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