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    Squirrel taxidermist???

    I wouldnt pay 500.00 to watch a squirrel eat a round bale of hay
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    What if!

    Not sure,something that you can retire early
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    That's what's voting in elections,lol. ,people thinks it's going to get better
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    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Its getting bad,crack everywhere these days,lol
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    Rough fathers day.

    Godbless everyone,who has lost a child
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    Any fawns yet?

    another with twins on my property
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    Rough fathers day.

    been thru it also,it's dam near the end of the world,and u always think about it,still bad days after several years
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    Any fawns yet?

    Seen my first one,a very little fella this evening,6-9-22
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    Deer Rifle Poll

    I voted most popular 308 and 270,I have hunted last 15 years 7 mm rem mag,love it,killed a bunch with 270,got a 308 hells canyon for christmas,gonna try it some this year
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    Top Gun Maverick Great Movie

    Wife paid,me and daughter were playing games,lol.Dont know how much it was,honestly
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    Top Gun Maverick Great Movie

    Thats been awhile barney
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    Top Gun Maverick Great Movie

    Yeah,its a good movie,took the family
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    Mass Shootings are Getting Contagious.

    All kinds of problems,people don't marry,or marry and divorce,they use who ever for free baby sitter,parents playing system,doing drugs,selling drugs,kids born messed up addicted to drugs,minds messed up as they enter this messed up world,kids taught no respect no discipline, everybody gets a...