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    Lost my hunting partner

    My dad died from liver and pancreatic cancer. My prayers go to you because I know how hard it is to lose a father/best friend/hero/role model. My dad was a preacher and was a man of god, sounds a lot like your dad. My mom had a hard time with it and I spent most of my time trying to fill up the...
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    hunter dead in clay county

    I use to never wear a harness until I fell out of one years ago. I was lucky enough to only crack a rib. I’ll always remember that day. Just had hung my bow and fell. When I came back a few days later to get my bow it took me 30 minutes to climb 20 foot and get my bow out. I always use a harness...
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    Lost a dear friend today.....

    Sorry for your loss, prayers are sent up to them, you, your family and all involved.
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    When to introduce kids to hunting

    Best advice I can give is to make it as fun as possible, I switched from a tree stand to a blind so that it would hide their movements some and help their chances of seeing something. I planned on short stays such as a morning only or evening only hunt and kept my patience. The worst thing that...
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    Montgomery County Questions

    Well it is a zone 2 now so that’s a plus
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    Montgomery County Questions

    Hey if you don’t care get up with me about this area, hopefully it will be a good place.
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    Montgomery County Questions

    Thanks for the information guys. The area of the property is in the Hope Community
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    Montgomery County Questions

    I had a question for anyone that is around or hunts this area. I recently got permission to hunt around 100 acres in Montgomery County, I've looked at the harvest results and done some research on this area but haven't had much luck on finding much information. I've looked at the area with a...
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    Kimber crimson carry

    Bump to top
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    Huntin' buds

    He’s getting raised right... I’m glad to see the youngsters getting brought up in the ways I was as a child. My hats off to you sir
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    Powell county

    I have trails upon trails, rubs, scrapes, seems like they have all disappeared
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    Kimber crimson carry

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    Powell county

    anybody hunting in this area? What kind of action have you all seen, it’s been dead on my farm
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    11/11-11/12 opening weekend thread

    Hunted all weekend and didn’t see a deer, can’t figure it out. Everything was dead, the same cameras I have had up giving consistent pictures hasn’t had but a few pictures taken in close to a week. I heard shooting in the hollers next to me but nothing traveling through my saddle
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    Roll call 11/7

    Have to work, I woke up and got this feeling that today would be a good day to hunt. Hopefully my gut feeling is right and we see some pictures on here later. Good luck

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