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  •`s really just starting to heat up here....had a so called spike/ 3 point walk up on me tonight. the only deer I have seen since Friday night. That 10 on friday would have been a nice buck to put down right now.....he could use another year but we are looking to buy a new house in the spring and I may not be hunting here next If you have an e-mail send it through a private message and I`ll send a pic...I hate having to laod all my pics through photobucket!
    I haven't been able to go. I've got exams this week and I've done nothing but study. We are getting some great trail cam pics of 4 or 5 shooter bucks. My last exam is on opening morning of rifle season. I'll be hunting that evening/ all day sunday. I saw that you have some great bucks on trail cam. There are some monsters up on stone crest
    We moved here from just outside Buffalo NY.....It really sucked up How did you do this weekend? I had a dandy Ten come in following a doe last night....He took his time but he must have got a good smell of her and took off
    My friend has a piece of property up on stone crest. Its the big hillside on the left right before you get to the baseball fields. He bow hunts up there and always sees alot of deer. Where did you move to pburg from?
    I`m right in Prestonsburg! I`m huntin not to far from stone crest! We just moved here a year and a half ago and love it here! Ya sure cant beat the huntin here in KY!
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