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    Tool talk

    What ever you do ,DO NOT buy Dewalt batteries on line. JUNK.
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Thanks for sharing!
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    If I was a republican canidate I would rum Obama's words " leave it to old Joe to F--K things up" on every commercial.
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    How addicted are you to your phone?

    Went into Olive Garden in Paducah and there were 11 other people waiting, 8 were either texting or playing games, no conversation at all. It is an addiction that is part of our society's down fall.
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    Remembering 9/11

    went outside to do some work, neighbor called down from up the hill and said "what the hell is this world coming to", then he said go watch the tv. Turned the television just in time to see people jump from the towers. Did not even want to watch today's news. Wlll never forget.
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    Saying goodbye to a friend.

    If you are If you are lucky, you only have one or two true friends. Hard to loose one.
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    retired KY game warden book

    Story told to me by a game warden. They had a law enforcement meeting in Frankfort, Game wardens,sherrifs, local police and judges. After the 2 day meetings some were invited to a local resort to spend the night and cook out and play cards. After eating someone said they would like something to...
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    Thoughts and opinions on eating kills.......

    BB Q coon ain't bad ate several when I was younger.
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    Debt forgiveness

    Go read Cicero's explanation on when democracy fails. We are there. Our time has come. It is over if something is not done. Quick!
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    Debt forgiveness

    I went to college , worked during the summer and paid off all my loans as scheduled. Let me ask a question. If a yahoo borrowed a large amount to go to a school such as Michigan,$30,000 a year and went and had a party for one or two years and dropped out , will he get the $10,000?
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    Freebies For The Illegal Migrants....

    Grandson in church school yesterday was asked by the minister what a hypocrite was and he responded "democrat", parents somewhat embarassed. But true statement. He is 8 years old.
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    Crooked Donald Trump just took the fifth

    At least he kept his mouth shut this time, he would have probably won the election if he had kept his mouth shut in Georgia.
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

    So if we get audited by the IRS and H&R Block or some other accountant does our taxes then will we have to pay them to represent us with the IRS? Yep we will.
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    Whatever you think of Mitch, you have to give him credit for keeping Eric Garland {our liberal Atty General) from being on the Supreme court. Thank you Mitch!

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