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    Off set vs. regular jaw

    Getting ready to purchase some new steel. Any opinions on off set vs. regular jaws? Looking into Bridger #2 dogless. Going for yotes, cats, and fox. Also, any thoughts on dogless? Thanks.
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    3rd Annual Youth Deer Hunt

    What a weekend! Twenty six youth 10 to 15 years old, participated in the 3rd annual ACSC Youth Deer Hunt. Twenty one harvested 7 bucks and 14 does. Nineteen being killed on the first evening! None of the youth had ever killed a deer before, many had never even fired a gun before range day. A...
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    Youth Turkey Permit Question

    They are good with the jr. sportsman license. Page 7, under fall turkey ages 12-15, the * means its included. Page 36 also says a 1 bird tag is included.
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    Wildlife watering hole

    Had the same thought with the pool. Even put in a hydrant in the fence row to fill it up when I installed some cattle waterers.
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    wma management

    Taylorsville had an awesome dove field in 09 at Goodnight Bridge, complete with a fake power line. This year the spring floods caused the bottoms to be under water for the entire planting season, ruining the chances of getting a dove field in, not to mention other plans that were in the...
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    Glad to see him still around. Found 2 today myself, 50 in. 4 points.
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    Help scoring this buck

    :eek: Ground check him, 169
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    What will this one score

    Mid 160's, Good Luck!
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    Looking for an old deer hunting video

    Yep, got one, but its a Dan Fitzgerald. May have Faulkrod in it.:confused: Would take days for me to find it.
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    should i kill this...

    Would be an awesome deer to watch grow. Looks like he's got good "FREAK" potential.
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    Need advise on attracting deer to my new place

    Warm Season grasses ( mix of indian, switch, big and little bluesteam ) are excellent additions to your habitat for cover. Mix in some food plot strips and you ve got a honeyhole. Grasses are expensive, but check out the Habitat Improvement Program (HIP) with Fish and Wildlife. It is an awesome...
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    change the telecheck law

    So, tag him in for your boss, take the deer, feed your family, clear your consceince, and maybe get a raise outta the deal. Your mind will now be at ease and your boss can KILL again, after all thats what its all about.
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    Just got some terrible news

    I know the feelin, Im still laid up from my fall on opening morning. Ive thought a lot on how to make it safer, but all I can think about is a lineman's belt and your on your own first time up a ladder stand. Any one with any ideas please share, this is the 3rd or 4th fall this year that has...
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    Let him walk?

    I bet your buddies didnt start out at 150 class deer. Work your way up. Keep yourself happy. That being said, he probably a 145 in. deer, whack em. Good Luck
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    Hall Passes for Chumpy Bucks

    EXACTLY. I dont know why some feel they have to fill thier "Buck" tag. Its an either sex tag. Our rule is, if you shoot a buck you mount it, then take it to the taxidermist:eek::D

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