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  • Hey Jimmie it Raven. Have one for ya. WKED and I are headed to LBL Sat. They are calling for a west wind. Can you maybe point us in a good direction. Maybe something on the north end. Im going to go do a little scouting tomorrow I hope. Thanks.
    jimmy how have you been its lawhorn from the old predator masters site. still not letting the LBL hunt die thats awesome wish i could make it
    How can I go about getting one of these LBL maps everyone is talking about on the fins and furs forums? If you have time I wouldn't mind maybe making a trip down to LBL one weekend before the big hunt. My granny lives between Murray and Aurora I could go down and spend a night with her and we could go hunting the next morning.
    I reserved slot 22 in A I have a little pop-up camper. I'll be there the 4-7 and a buddy of mine is gona try and make it. If I understand the LBL rules right I can use a shotgun with shot smaller than T or a centerfire rifle am I right? I plan on bringing both, Is most situations short distances were a scatter gun will suffice or will there be many long shots? man i'm gona ge full of questions and this is just one weekend of hunting yall will probably get tired of me asking questions.
    I am thursting for knowledge I would like for you guys to treat me like the dummy i am and show me the ropes I've killed a few but most everything i've tried comes from reading mags or just learning what didn't work in the field and trying something different. I'll probly be asking you and weedwalker lots of questions not alot of my friends predator hunt so i can use the help. The mags seem like they are all out west where lots of land and yotes are plentiful. Could you share tactics with me?
    I asked weedwalker but haven't heard back but do you know which cabins yall will be stayin at at wranglers i'm gona try and reserve a camping slot near yall so we can try and stay in the same area. I looked on the web site and that place is pretty good size.
    Your more than welcome to show up and do just that. I have some fellows there that have been at it much longer than I have. Even the making of a couple of eastern videos were inspired by this hunt. No competition. It is about making friends and learning from them. And you will find many very willing to show you what they do. Jimmie
    Just tryin to hunt every day I can. Its good to hear of a local hunt like the one at lbl i'm tired of reading about the hunts out west in the mags just wishing i could listed to the veterians around the campfire and soak up some knowledge.
    I know what you mean about the time of year the photos were taken. There is also a question on all these type maps of age. None of them show some of the most recent changes to some of the farm land I hunt. Just one more tool.
    If you can't make it this weekend, no big deal. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy! I may have a day off during the week coming up in a week or so. However, if you want to meet up call me at 270-994-0234. I usually squirrel hunt the early mornings and then try & call a couple of stands later. I've been in zone 4 on 312 and 313. Have seen some sign on the other end of 312, like where it hits 314. Just give me a call. thanks, ed
    Howzit goin Jimmie? Havn't seen you on any of the boards in a while. Hope everyone is ok. If you get a chance, take a look at the sec forum. I had posted a question for you in the lbl section, then moved it to the general coyote board. The board is dead. I guess its the time of year. I'm not calling right now either. Looking forward to the fall when we can get back at em. If you don't want to answer on the board, a pm (either board) would be fine. Hope not to bother ya. Take care and thanks for the help. ed
    Same here. I was afreaid to go work on the well today. Limbs falling everywhere around the house. I still have two miles of fence to go around yet. I can't even get a truck into the lot for the downed trees from the ice storm.
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