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    He looks like a bully!

    I guess 5 1/2. His rack looks like others we have been seeing frequently but the body never looked so large in previous pics so it's possible he is a newbie on the camera here. I wonder if the saw blade brow tine will get worn down from rubs?
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    Bow hunting beans

    I have been hunting a bean field too. Got my stand in a big oak tree in the fence line with some nice cover. There's beans in front of me, behind me and there are funnels of woods to my left and right with really thick weeds on the edge of the beans. I've seen deer every day but the shooters...
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    He looks like a bully!

    I bet he has been taking the other kids lunch money.
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    Whats yall's thoughts on this deer?

    Friday the 13th coulda been his last day. I'd say he's 3?
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    Torn up over doe kill

    I'm the same way. Glad to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing!
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    Split g3 buck. Guess his age?

    163 views and no replies?
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    Split g3 buck. Guess his age?
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    Split g3 buck. Guess his age?

    Video may work this time lol
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    Split g3 buck. Guess his age?

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Split g3 buck. Guess his age?

    Have weekly pics of this guy. I guess he is 3? You guys think?
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    Trail cam shots

    Been out for a week. Figured I would post a couple of the neatest pics.
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    Deer play in the snow too!

    Caught these youngins having fun in one of our food plots. Click the pic.
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    Buck Checks Out My Cam!

    Check him the pics to see video. Daytime.....
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    Deer pics

    Thanks For posting! Nice work!
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    Barnwood Deer Panels

    found this.... not too bad for 33.00