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  • Yes that is the building. I own the property down road across from sub station. By the way that is a beautiful buck.
    Where in Critteden are u I own farm on hwy 60 near tradewater just seen red pole barn behind u in picture just thought it might be the hunting pole barn on 60 across rd from me
    YEah I am thinking it has something to do with that. Just really odd I can't find where they are traveling. Thought they would be using the pond for water but I can't see where they are going to the water. I am definitely going to start carrying when I go to that area. I am actually am in Crittenden county, town of Marion, not Marion county.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I don't know where your hunting, But my wife and I was out at the Marion co. lake last summer and walked right thru a bunch of pot plants. Kind of makes a guy wonder doesn't it. I always pack a pistol when I bow hunt now.
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