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    Scored on a stud 8pt

    That’s a great buck congrats
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    Heat wave and pending deer season

    Really man, he’s really basically just making small talk. Telling how things are in his home state, nothing any different than people posting big bucks from other states, and saying in their post, “this is a state record they say” and it’s not from Ky. Nothin against you, but one comment...
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    2021 buck back for the wall

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    Any fawns yet?

    Have one in my hay field behind my house. The mother is making it hard on me to not find it and run her and her fawn to the lease farm I have beside me. I won’t be working in until late June lol, she’s eating my garden lol. So they’re being born for sure
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    Mason tags out 5-7-22 with a good one

    Thanks to all the replies and likes we appreciate it. Thank you muddhole crossing for correcting the pic. Been a tougher but good 2022 season over all
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    Mason tags out 5-7-22 with a good one

    5:53 Mason put the shot on this fine double beard, long spur gobbler. Come in gobbling on a misting rainy morning, had a pretty boy out with a lay down hen, he couldn’t handle it. Mason made the shit at 20 yards, glad of the opportunity to be out thankful. Father son hunts are memorable to be...
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    4-30-22 gobbler down

    My 13 year old son and I went Saturday morning where the 2 mornings before had heard one gobbling. Walked through the field to the edge of the woods at 5:15am, stood there listening nothing. I did a hoot owl call he gobbled really close, close enough i told my son let’s get to those big oak...
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    #2 is my biggest bird to date and he made me work for it.

    Congrats, he’s is one big ol gobbler.
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    #1 takes a swim

    Congrats on your bird, your right they look awful ugly when drenched in water lol. Congrats again
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    Cam's 2021 Buck named "Larry"

    Good one cam, congrats. You and mason going after these big boys, it’s gonna bust the ol dads. Lol. Congrats again
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    2022 Youth Turkey Photo Thread

    Mason got this bird Saturday morning
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    Tagged Out!!

    Congrats to the young man!!!!
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    Youth season April 2nd and 3rd

    My 13 year old got this lonely long beard this morning come in strutting and gobbling but walked 40 yards below the decoys. Stayed off to our left for 35-40 minutes. Finally he’s had enough the ol boy decided he would come up and whoop on the jake decoy. Mason was able to close the deal at 20...
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    4yrs later Old Bruiser dead

    Great buck Congrats to your son
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    New Target buck. I've named stickers

    Good name for him, hope you put your gag on him

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