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    Rate this years season

    A 6 at best. Spent some quality time with my son. That is getting to be hard to come by. I have seen some nice sunrises and heard some gobbles on the roost. I am eating tag soup tonight.
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    Turkeys and Jesus

    As was said above. The first thing I do when I take a turkey or deer is Thank God for the gift.
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    What is everyone hunting with this weekend?

    TK2000. Hard not to go to the old go to.
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    I have used most all repellents over the years and the Duranon is by far the best I, personally, have ever used. Seems to me DEET is absolutely useless. It might help a little but I haven't seen it. If you spray down with the Duranon before going into the will NOT have ticks on you...
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    2014 opening day video of my 9 yr. old son's first turkey.

    Excellent video and congratulations on the awesome memories!
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    Need help on whether to shot or not !!!!

    My thoughts are like several others...If he makes your heart rate rise and you have the shot. Take him. If you don't feel it, Let him walk. There is never a guarantee what tomorrow will bring. Like a lot of others I remember the time when nobody had ever heard of "inches of antler" to kill any...
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    2013-2014 Deer harvest photos

    Bean Field Muzzleloader Buck Middle of the day. When I found it It was 3:03. 230gr. Hornady Hollow Point. 100yards. My son has been game caming him since August. Had seen him that morning in the same field at 200 yards
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    how many old timers remember

    I started hunting around 1970. We hunted mainly around the borders of Mammoth Cave then some around Barren River Lake. It was a huge deal to see tracks and a rub would make you loose sleep. I can remember stopping by the gas station in Park City to see if anyone was checking in a deer. If...
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    Watch where you sit

    X2 only good poisonous snake is a DEAD poisonous snake. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Winding Down. . .

    I'd rather hunt in snow than 90 degree weather any day. I fopening early was going to hurt the population TN wouldn't have any birds. Say what you will... It needs to open 2 weeks earlier. With the birds we have now we aren't going to hurt the population. So why not hunt when the birds are...
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    Winding Down. . .

    I'm sure, as always, it is different depending on where in the state you are. The places we hunt were, for the most part, done before we started. This is my first in 13 years to not work one tom all season. As a general rule I tag out in the first week. I have had 2 or 3 years when I...
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    I have had good luck in the past during slow steady rain. Where we hunt there is only one or two fields. In the past, setting up inside the woods on a travel route to the field, has yielded more than one bird headed to the open. I usually use this tactic right after flydown after a wet night.
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    Not so sure about this

    Have seen it work several times. I was skeptical when first told how well it worked, until I saw it. Made a believer out of me. Have seen one cross a 100 yards like OJ Simpson. Sure wish I could use this tactic, or any tactic for that matter, this year. You have to see a tom to make it...
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    about to call it quits.

    It's amazing to see how different it is in different parts of the state, even a big difference between different areas of the same couty. Maybe, due to my hard times this year, i hadn't noticed this in past years. I just don't remember it being so good in some areas and bad in others. I...

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