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    Ballard or boatwright

    Ground counts say Ballard can hunt 7 parties on the opener. I'd guess that's how many they have drawn. That's a good number for ducks for the conditions given too.
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    Ballard or boatwright

    No it won't. River's sitting at like 10ft going to 13ft. Ballard can't use their big pump until a sustained 17-18ft. Normal river levels this time of the year are 25-35ft. They need inches of rain to get help.
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    Taking son to Arkansas looking for guide

    I've hunted snow geese with Snowpros before and have had good luck. I like his operation...mainly geese and the occasional duck. If its been 12 years since you've hunted, I'd leave your dog at home.
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    Awesome post. And it nails to a T what we should all expect from the opener. I remise on a lot of good quotes on this forum over the years and one that always holds true is "play the hand you are dealt." I think this gets missed in today's generation of hunters. We all are probably on social...
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    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    First trip of the year is in the books and man was it a banger. Warm temps and low winds didn’t affect much.
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    Crappie vs livescope

    There's two types of people in the crappie fishing world. One has livescope and the other wants to complain about you having livescope. If you want to listen to boomer aged men complain about every little detail in the outdoor world (from crossbows to livescope to down/side scan, to corn piles)...
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    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    Headed to North MO in two weeks. We need colder weather.
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    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    I like it dry but this is excessive. We will probably be flooded out by Christmas now.
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    Manitoba 22

    Hoping for the best for your hound. Looks like a good trip!
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    2022/2023 Predictions?

    November will be okay. December will be warm and the newbs will be selling out. January cold front will hit and there will be good days to be had.
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    What kind of shot string do you want in your duck load?

    You're seeing a big shift towards smaller gauge guns with better shells, too.
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    What kind of shot string do you want in your duck load?

    I'm not taking 30 minutes to watch a video but I already know bismuth kills better than steel. Regardless of the shot string length, you hit them with bismuth and you have less cripples.
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    Mud motors on wma’s

    Y’all boys go run over each other on them wmas. I’ve went a different route on the boats. I can catch a lot more crappie than I can ducks. Plus, they taste much better. On a plus side I did sell my old duck boat back to my hunting buddy so I call it a win win.
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    Damn it was hot

    I can smell those pictures from here!
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    Dove Fields

    New field location is looking great. This was on July 10th.

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