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    Coyote traps

    I use both traps but usually set all my 550’s first. Both great traps but like wolverine1 said the Bridger take a little more to get right.
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    Or do you preserve it like you do when making bait?
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    I never thought about that before. Did you refrigerate it or freeze it until you was ready to use it?
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    Who's ready

    I think I’m just about ready. I’ll probably wait until around Christmas to put any steel in the ground. My son got some new DP’s for his birthday so he’s pretty excited! I’m sure I’ll be taking him early to thin out some coons.
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    For the past few years I’ve really tried to keep a log of what lure/baits and lure bait combinations work best for me. I’ve caught more canine off cat man do by Milligan’s than any other lure. Also caught quit a few off fox frenzy by mark june. I always try to use different bait and lure combo...
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    Connor caught his first bobcat

    In my line of work it’s great to see parents still raising there kids right. Awesome work to both of you and congratulations!
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    Wax dirt and peat moss mix

    I’ve used the same in past but have used waxed dirt in the past couple years. Just wasn’t sure if anyone had tried mixing them before
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    Wax dirt and peat moss mix

    I normally don’t post very often just really enjoy reading this trapping form but I have a question. Have any of you ever used a 50/50 mix of peat moss and wax dirt trapping. The reason I’m asking is I met a guy that says he always mixed them together. I’ve ran waxed dirt for a couple years now...
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    Anyone else?

    What is there reasoning for that? Smell or rust?
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    Anyone else?

    Anyone ever use full metal jacket?
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    your go to Deer caliber and why.

    A few years ago I bought a 30 Remington AR with a ton of ammo for cheap. I’d always used my savage 30-06 but thought I’d try it out. I was pleasantly surprised on the accuracy and how ever deer I’ve shot with it has dropped in there tracks. Also nice not having the recoil. I can’t get my nephew...
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    Trap question?

    I really like them and seem to hold up very well. With a little modifications they are my go to trap anymore
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    Kentucky Taxidermy Association

    Yeah hopefully. Do you have to be a member to go?
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    Double Throat

    Good looking mount. What form is that?
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    Cape size?

    Thanks I appreciate it. I have a guy wanting one mounted but doesn't have a cape and the largest cape I have left is a 7 1/4×20. That was without me stretching and thinning it so I think it will work just fine

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