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  • =hey hollow rat my wife just got drawn for the late cow season and the only places they offer are Knott county Elk Management Units and Stoney Fork. Since Knott county is closet to us we chose to hunt there if u could give us any info it would greatly appreciated. I use to work on a strip job over their called Cyprus Amex that was just loaded with elk but not quite sure which county it was in or if one could get permission to hunt it. We are kinda in the dark here about where to go and we sure can't afford to hire a guide so any info would greatly be appreciated. Hope u can help in any way. Thanks Jeremy
    What advice could you give me for a motel? Dont have to be fancy at all, just have a shower and be clean. Im not sure if my farm house I usually stay in will be available this time. Thanks alot for your help!!!
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