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    blind 45 should be a goldmine for 2nd opening

    Any info on Blind #37? I've been to Sloughs but never seen or hunted #37.
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    Food Plot - Corn

    Strait out of KDFWR hunting guide. It looks like you can hunt turkey over a manipulated crop. "A baited area is any place where feed, grains or other substances capable of luring wild turkeys or bears have been placed. An area where grains or other feeds exist as the result of legitimate...
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    Birds on the river?

    I hunted this weekend around Augusta and never fired a shot. We saw maybe 50 ducks and 20 geese. Nothing came close. That's how it's been all season. I'm assuming pope and young means that there are still a lot of birds north of cincy, like up in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, not up river from cincy.
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    First time at Sloughs

    Is blind 44 any good? Anyone know if it is corn stubble or wheat?
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    Ok who did it

    Didn't feel that bad where I was since there was very little wind. Great day of duck hunting though. Killed 11 ducks.
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    want to waterfowl hunt

    I think there might be 2 small lakes pretty close to monticello that would probably not be froze up right now. I would guess that there are probably a few ducks on them.
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    KDFWR waterfowl survey

    Why does it take so long to post the survey results? Weren't they supposed to fly on the 18th?
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    Lab Puppy

    Has anyone ever bought a dog from Stone Lane Hunter Kennels in Evanston, IN? My brother is looking to buy a puppy from them. Are they a reputable lab breeder? Does anyone know of any good lab breeders in KY?
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    Boat sank on the big o !

    Why did they quit searching? The search and rescue boats are huge and it shouldn't be a problem having them out after dark?
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    Corn Seed Plates

    I have a 2 row planter that uses JD seed plates. I am going to plant some roundup ready corn next season and need to buy some new seed plates. Does anyone know what a good seed plate would be for roundup ready corn? I know it tells you on the bag of seed, but I don't have the seed yet and...
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    anyone ever planted Autumn Olive trees?

    Do not plant Autumn cannot control them!
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    Show Me 800,000 State Birds!!

    Where is the KDFWR first flyover information for this year at? Is it not posted yet?
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    Wheat, oats, rye - Allelopathic?

    Does anyone know if you can plant wheat, oats, and rye together? I've been doing some reading about allelopathy and don't want to plant them together if they could be inhibiting each other from growing. I don't know a ton about it, but just wanted to check.
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    Cumberland Striper

    I'm heading to Cumberland this weekend to do some striper fishing. Plan on pulling boards or bottom fishing during the day and casting at night. It sounds like the fish are starting to move out to the main lake. Has anyone been lately or have any advice? I plan on putting in at Jamestown or...
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    San Diego Fishing

    I am going to San Diego in July to visit some relatives and would like to do some fishing while I am there. Never been to California and have never fished on the west coast and know nothing about fishing there. Has anyone fished near San Diego or have any advice? I'll probably get a guide for...