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    Female beagle puppy

    My buddy Joe just had to put his beagle down over the weekend so we are looking for him a pup also. Sorry about the loss. It's hard. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I guess it's time to thin out the coyote population. Thanks for the response guys and God bless
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    Went out Saturday hunting and did not see one stinking squirrel. Anyone else having any trouble this year?
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    Feeding fish

    Thanks guys I will keep feeding small amounts and turn my aeration back on. Thanks again
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    no squirrels

    If that isn't the
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    Feeding fish

    So should I still feed? I heard that the pellets that are not eaten are not good for the pond. I have plenty of bait fish. I also turned my aeration off for winter as well.
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    Does anyone run a game camera all year? If so what are the benefits?
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    Feeding fish

    i have a pond with a lot of fish in it. I use a automatic feeder in spring and summer. They are not eating the pellets anymore. Is it normal to turn off the feeder in winter?
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    2016 deer mount!

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    1st Kentucky Hunt and 1st Kentucky buck

    Nice deer T/C. Don't let anyone ruin your post. The people that are acting like an idiot are probably down in their parents basement with nothing better to do. Glad you had success in our fine state.
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    Filled my buck tag

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    Processor says the

    My guy usually takes in about 120 and this year he is at 70.
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    11 pt

    Congratulations if you keep killing those big deer you are going to have to get a bigger truck. Lol
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    What games or sites do y'all play on stand

    I enjoy texting my buddies I'm hunting with. If I see a deer heading there way I can give them a heads up.
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    Great Weekend

    Great day.