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    Picture of a bloodtrail

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    Son’s deer rifle: Scope Recommendations

    I really appreciate everyone’s opinions and advice. It has been 20 years since I last bought a scope, which was a Leupold 3-9x40. I went yesterday and looked at and through different scopes. Today, after much thought and reading, I purchased the Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x50mm from Cabelas. It was...
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    Son’s deer rifle: Scope Recommendations

    I’m looking to get a scope for my sons Remington bolt action .243. The scope that came with it in the combo package is not very good. I haven’t been able to find a brand name on the scope. He is (9) years old and I am curious what others on here have for their kids. I’m looking for good eye...
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    Dog needed

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    Dog needed

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    Dog needed

    Can someone please let me know of a tracking dog. I’m in Shelby county.
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    My 7yr old son’s 1st bird

    My sons first bird. He killed it using his Mossberg .410 with 3” Federal Premium TSS #9’s. The bird was 37 yards when he shot it. Maybe he’s that good or just lucky? I don’t know. But we all need a little luck when we are hunting. The hunt was less than an hour. The birds gobbled good on the...
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    What is wrong with this deer?

    Thanks. If you don’t mind to, could you please PM me the biologist contact information or I can reach out to KDFWR on Monday. I actually have video from the cam of the deer. The deer doesn’t show any signs of having difficulty when he is walking around and feeding, it’s just his appearance.
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    What is wrong with this deer?

    Had this buck come in earlier this week. The rack looks fine but the deer is looking like he is not doing well. I know that bucks can wear themselves down during the rut, but he looks like he has something else going on. What do y’all think?
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    I hunt in Shelby county and the farmer rotates crops each year with soy beans and corn. I have seen deer in standing beans feeding well after several frosts and have seen them in fields after the farmer has combined. I have even seen deer bed down in standing beans. Last night I watched a 120-...
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    Lease partner a pain in your side!?


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