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  • howdy biscut here im a grouse hunter myself drether grouse hunt as eat to be honest with you got a well i started to say good dog but the truth is he is the best dog to ever step foot in the grouse woods to me anyway but just thought i would say howdy to a fellow grouse hunter just aint nothing better than chasing after them grouse i love it im here in letcher county ky and alway looking for new ground love to hunt new land good talking to you have a good day and a great grouse season .
    Hey guy im Stanley Little from pike county...But dont hold that against me ,alot of bad impressions left from some of the people here ..ANYWAY i read a post you had from a few years ago which stated you had a mother in law in Lawrence county..My question is Would she know anyone who might let someone hunt around theire ?? Me and my 13 year old hunts yatsville alot but havent found anywere yet... We spent last weekend theire looking for lots for sale but couldnt even find that...BUt if you might know let me know and thanks for your time...
    Mark, Met your son Hunter at a NWTF event Friday. Good kid. He works for a friend of mine here in Louisville. I think he's pretty stroked on going to WI this year chasing grouse. Hope you all have a great time and get some good footage.
    Hope you have a succesful hunting season.

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