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    Permethrin tick spray safe to use?

    I use as directed and have not had any issues either. This stuff works!
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    High and Tight

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    Thermacell yay or nay?

    Absolutely a great product!
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    Bacon bowl...

    Just saw a commercial for this during Sportscenter this morning...slap anything in a bowl of bacon now! Only $10, but I'm sure we can find them in the As Seen on TV sections in the coming months for a couple of bucks. mmmmm bacon.... :-)
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    Southern ohio monster walking

    That's probably about right...per side! :-) Good gawd almighty what a hog...
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    scent wicks tinks

    Agree with what he said.
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    BGAD buck

    Sounds like he had a great season! Congrats to him!
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    A Covert Farm Legend Takes Dirt Nap

    Great buck, contrats to her.
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    Mr. Big's little brother

    Another coffee through the nose moment!
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    First archery deer!

    That first bow buck should certainly get you hooked!
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    7 Minute Hunt

    Congrats on your first bow buck!
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    First archery buck

    Congrats on your first bow buck!
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    2013 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    Any idea when quota gun hunt info will be sent out. Or did it already happen and I just didn't make the cut this time? Thanks!
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    The 180 Shot

    Great footage!
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    I prefer green as well.

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