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    Top 5 items you take with you to the woods

    Tree stand umbrella, hand muff, safety harness, knife/gutting gloves, cell phone
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    Autumn olive

    I am fighting this battle now. They get out of control quickly. I am currently spraying 3:1 diesel to triclopyr 4 (ester) basal bark treatments. Just spray about 12-18" around trunk starting from ground level. Started spraying last week. Will check next week to see if I am as successful as...
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    Trail camera

    I have 3 DLC Covert MP8 IR that are almost 2 years old and just picked up 2 of these over the summer: Have been pleased with pics from both models so far.
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    Trail camera

    I used to swear by Moultrie cameras but was let down by my last 2. Switched to Covert and have not looked at others. Covert cams are usually inexpensive, take decent day and night pics, and have great battery life.
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    I have sprayed this on my boots and pants twice this year while heading into the woods multiple times. Have only found 2 ticks this entire year. This stuff works well. Price is a steal considering the financial and health impact of contracting tick-borne disease.
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    The last few years we dropped corn, we get tons of night pics of big bucks. We have very few daytime big buck sightings and have failed to kill a mature buck. Corn is great for killing does all day long but I am convinced it encourages my post-rut bucks to go nocturnal. There will be no...
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    Not a Sound

    I share in the misery of opening weekend. Very little gobbling. Worst for me is the fact gobblers were completely indifferent to decoys or calls. Too many hens still walking around. I am hopeful this will improve later in the season.
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    Best choke for benelli nova

    I have hunted with my 12 gauge Benelli Nova pump for years. I have killed 30+ turkeys with the modified choke. 2 kills (not wounding) have been 50+ yards. I have purchased extra full chokes only to go back to modified. For the record, I love this gun and would purchase another tomorrow if...
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    Field or woods for your 08 bird?

    First was killed in grassy strut zone beside plowed field. Second came about 400 yards across hay field into decoys strutting most of the way with me sitting in edge of the woods.
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    DId anyone actually try it this morning? 4/13

    Took my second tom for the weekend this morning in Northern KY. Heard plenty of gobbling and shot one from a group of 4 toms. Weather was actually pretty comfortable - little drizzle and minimal wind. Actually surprised to see so many other birds out this morning - very active.
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    Hunting recently logged areas

    Our farm actually had improved deer hunting following selective timbering and continues to remain strong due to the increased cover/browse. The big downside was decreased visibility in the woods even during rifle season from stands due to all the fallen tree tops and undergrowth. Turkeys have...
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    If you are using these to supplement your deer's nutrition, should have put them out late Feb or sometime in March. Deer have increased needs at that time as bucks prepare to grow antlers and does to fawn. If just using as an attractant, I would put out a couple months before I intend to hunt...
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    Pretty boy & Pretty girl just arrived!!!

    I have a friend who just bought a pair of these decoys. They are a bit pricey, but we shall see soon if they work as advertised. The DVD that came with them was pretty impressive. I hope they do not scare off other mature toms.
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    PLanting Trees

    JDMiller's post is similar to my experience. Buy your trees from the State Forestry Seedling sale - cheap way to buy large number of trees. If you have access to a tractor-pulled planter, that is the way to go. Put 6300 trees in the ground in 1 day 2 years ago. Otherwise, will use dibble bar...
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    Hunting Ohio

    Zaleski State Forest outside McArthur in Vinton County is a solid producer of turkeys and seems to be overlooked by alot of Ohio hunters. I have never grouse hunted it but believe it should be good for that as well. I own land on the edge of Zaleski and have have great success with deer and...

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