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    NOliN RivER LaKe CoNverSatION

    Hey guys, Who hunting Nolin tomorrow? We hunted Barren Lake today. Headed to Nolin tomorrow. Maybe we can put something together?
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    Deer sightings

    About how many on clear dry conditions this time of year, the second weekend of the rifle season?
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    Deer sightings

    On average, how many deer would you think I would see on any given day hunting in Ky? I am from Vt. and only see maybe 2 deer during a full day of hunting and want to know what to expect. We will be hunting in some WMA's also.
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    Wildlife Officer question..

    The reason I ask is because of all the years of hunting in Vt., we've never seen game wardens. It is all mostly private land up there and we are going to be hunting in the WMA's in Ky. This is going to be my 10 yr old sons first year hunting with me and will be carrying a rifle(unloaded) just to...
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    Wildlife Officer question..

    Do the Wildlife officers continuously patrol the WMA's? What are the chances of me running into one in the woods?
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    What The ????

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    Hart Co. Nolin River Lake Question. Wet area? Thick Woods?

    Does the Nolin River Lake area have good hunting on the state land towards the east side. What is the terrain like? Wet? Rocky? Hilly? Thicky? haha. Can anyone give me some insight?
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    A serious trespassing question needs answers

    Here's what we've figured out based on everyones responses. We're going up there for 5 days and my dad is going a day earlier so he can scout the area. He's going to find some land and then knock on some doors to get written permission as the area in Hart Co. does not have that much hunting...
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    A serious trespassing question needs answers

    I wanted to make SURE because OBVIOUSLY the answers were none like the answers I got from this post! Thanks everyone.....other than the guy im quoting....oh and the one that thinks I should stay in Fla!
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    A serious trespassing question needs answers

    Yeah man, Im from Burlington, My mom used to work in Essex! Fairfield is great hunting area. We used to have a maple syrup conglomorant as well! My dad used to have a couple businesses up there, If they had tractors. The chances are my Dad knows them!!! Thats crazy!!!!
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    A serious trespassing question needs answers

    Hey guys! Nice to see theres a bunch of activity here on the site tonight.... Question- - - - i grew up in northern vermont as a die hard hunter and have not missed one season! I live in florida now and my dad, brother, and i are planning a hunt to hart county for rifle. There, if the land is...
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    Whats THE weather LIKE in KY in NOVEMBER?

    Just curious, like the title says.....Whats the weather like in November? Thanks, guys
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    Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest Questions

    CAn you hunt both buck and doe in the DBNF? And does the season go along with the same rifle season state wide? Does anyone know of any good places to stay here like cabin rentals? We're staying for 4 days to hunt. Anything you guys can tell me about this area would be EXTREMELY helpful...
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    Out of Stater's GOT SOME QUESTONS!!!

    man, you guys are a real help! Keep it coming with all of this great info. Like the MARINES, I feel the love within hunters! HAHA.
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    Out of Stater's GOT SOME QUESTONS!!!

    Do you have to have WRITEN permission to hunt on land if its not posted? How many deer can you take with one license?

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