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    Crazy Hunt

    Good PR work makes the difference. Few landowners object to predator hunting.Unless the land is leased to game hunters. Nice work give it a week and return.
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    Fur Sales in E-town

    Some people there must not come out of the woods very often.
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    Fur Sales in E-town

    Not good as last year.Some people didn't sell due to prices.Well treated coyote furs,otter,and fox sold.
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    Not an everyday hunt,

    I doubt it Federal protected.Not heard of any doing that here. Most bird-calf issues are those buzzards. They have killed those in number.
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    Fur Sales in E-town

    Lots of coyote fur.Some nice cats and fox.
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    Not an everyday hunt,

    Those black buzzards? They had a farm meeting here with F&W over them about calf attacks. All over the lake area to. F&W trapped a lot last summer and killed them at lake.
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    Not an everyday hunt,

    When you have a bald eagle show up and check out your Foxpro decoy.Friday eve in Larue Co. Siberia Road area.
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    First coyote hunt!

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Don't know about your area but in mine central part of state this has been a messed up winter with wind blowing hard a lot of the week. I don't have much success in blowing wind besides being darn cold right at daylight or evening.Then it's rained most every week to, on already soaked ground...
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    Best location

    Check the bottoms for scat to find travel routes. I know when I hunted the Ky. side of Big South Fork park for hogs we sat depending on wind on hillsides overlooking bottoms along creek areas. Coyotes traveled the creeks. I wonder if Eastern coyotes bed on top of hills like they do out West...
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    Mouth call holwer

    Dan Thompson makes 2 male-female with open reed and wood body.
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    Another call that seems to get attention is a crow gathering on the e-caller and using a rabbit distress moth call together.Coyotes think something good is going on and come look.
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    Coyote vocals: female whimpers,lone female howls and pack howls.If you're hunting nights I'd use baby cottontail or kitten distress depending if it's calm wind.Early morning low light I've been using some Fox calls like fox rally. Coyotes don't like Fox and often respond to run them away-food...
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    Called in with a mouth call

    Great job. Mouth calls are not used a lot which may be reason to use on occasion.
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    Woods dog.

    With the weather warmer and not a lot of wind,this past weekend was about perfect for me to get out. After a good Friday night at one farm I thought I'd try another farm about 6 miles off early Saturday. Once there, you have to open a gate and park in between some old field tobacco hanging...

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