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    Southern Dog

    They sure do, looked for over an hour yesterday for one, went about 250 yards, but it was set in the middle of a cornfield.
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    Southern Dog

    Yes sir, I’ll do it as long as I’m able
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    Southern Dog

    In Mississippi this week, got this black yote yesterday, on a drag and got in the creek.
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    6mm ARC

    Got to put the little ARC to work on the last day of the season. Took this Doe at 478 yards with 108 grain Hornady Match, bullet preformed excellent.
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    WTB Lightweight, Precision Hunting Rifle In .308 or .30-06

    Look at the Springfield Waypoint, shot one recently and it’s a very nice rifle.
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    looking ruger #1

    There is one at Elizabethtown Gun and Sporting Company in a heavy barrel 22-250
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    6mm ARC

    I’m considering a 33 xc build for my next one.
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    6mm ARC

    Finally got my bolt action 6 ARC put together, Howa mini action, mdt chassis and Preferred Barrel Blanks barrel. I got to shoot it for the first time this weekend and I really like this little gun. After break in and zero at 200 yards my first group at 500 yards measured 1.578”.
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    ISO 35 rem ammo

    Elizabethtown Gun and Sporting Company has some on the shelf.
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    6mm ARC

    Thunder Valley Precision near Kimbolten Ohio. We got to shoot the new targets last trip, 2440 with the 300 PRC on a 24x30 plate.
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    6mm ARC

    It will do a mile no problem, 97.2 minutes of elevation. I’ve hit a 18” plate numerous times at a mile with a 6.5 creedmore, 6mm creedmore, 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC.
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    6mm ARC

    In the process now of building one in a bolt gun, building it on a Howa mini action. I ordered the barrel the first of May and expected delivery date is August. I can’t wait to get it together and try it at a mile, wind is going to be tough on that 108 grain bullet.
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    Sunday Cat

    Nice cat TP, glad to see you out. My plan was to set a few Christmas week but I came down with the COVID and let me tell ya, it ain’t no joke. I’ve never had anything beat me down so bad, hope I get to set a few in Kentucky, still plan on a trip South.
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    Sale your fur

    FHA is going to have a truck pick up the first of April in Lebanon Juction.
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    Blind dog

    Good looking dog for this time of year.