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    Scored in Martin County

    Congrats on a great hunt and nice bird.
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    NWTF Grand National Calling Championships

    Big Congrats to Jesse. He also finished 3rd in the Senior Division. Also, we had a few KY boys who placed in the Owl Hooting.
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    Turkey calling contests

    There hasn't been a contest in KY since 2010, that I know about anyway. If you want to call in a contest you need to check the NWTF website and check for contests in surrounding states. For whatever reason, there was no state contest last year and it doesn't look like there's going to be one...
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    King Eider Hunt...

    Looks awesome Lyon!!! Congrats.
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    KY State Calling Contest

    Doesn't look like it. I've talked to several other callers and they haven't heard a thing. It's really a shame. We have some great callers in KY and the location is ideal for nonresident callers to come to. Hopefully this post could get the wheels turning.
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    Check out the hooks on my opening day bow kill!

    Congrats Ron!!!! Great bird and sounds like an unforgettable hunt. That's truly what it's all about.
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    what locater call do you use?

    Woodpecker and a good old boxcall are great locators for later hunts
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    Mid-day turkey tactics?

    Midday is my favorite time to hunt. Cut-n-run!!!!
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    few trail cam pics

    Looks promising, Good Luck!!!!
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    How to use an owl call?

    Absolutely!! Every turkey hunter wants real owls and crows to call and gobblers to fire off, but that doesn't always happen. There are some mornings that you will need to hit the old owl hooter to liven up the woods. Knowing how to use several locator calls effectively can definitely help you...
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    4th Gobller of the season down (for real this time)

    Congrats on a smokin season.
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    How to use an owl call?

    Here is a video that will demonstrate how to properly use a reed style owl hooter.
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    Sons First turkey hunt Video

    Hit or Miss, that was a great hunt!!!! You guys will score on the next one, Good Luck.
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    What a dangerous situation. I can understand your frustration. That's a good lesson for your youth of what not to do.
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    Jonathan's 4-3-10 gobbler

    Great Turkey!!!! Congratulations on the 1st of many.