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Nov 17, 2017
    1. Firedog
      Thanks Ted is that the logging road on the area 30 side or the 34 side, and yes i would like to hunt your spot if i can figure out where it is.
    2. TedB
      33 is a pretty good area, I liked it anyway. The best spot I found was that logging road on the right side of the map. They were logging that area last year but if you follow the logging road all the way back it ends in about 3 high spots with little hog back ridges running from one to the other. It's thicker than all get out up there and by about noon on Saturday the deer were piled in there. The best spot though was out that last ridge before it dropped down in the bottom. I jumped a big buck up there Saturday and Sunday my buddy snapped a cap at a big one and his muzzleloader didn't go off. If you look at your map where the 700 is marked, on the opposite side of that ridge down in that little hollow there is a trail about 20 feet down the side, that's where that big buck was bedded both days. If I was hunting that area again I'd be right in the top of that ridge in a climbing stand before daylight. If you've got buddies with you spread out around those high spots in stands. The buck I killed was a 13" 8. I got him about 30 yards to the right of where that logging road ends at 3:00 on Sunday. My buddy got a 16" 8 pointer about 50 yards away when we were dragging my buck out. We were the only two that even saw bucks, as far as I know nobody else even went that far back. Saw one shooter on Saturday, saw 5 on Sunday. If you are planning on going back that far and staying back there you'll see one anyway. Let me know if you want to use that spot and I won't tell anybody else about it, just let me know how you do after the hunt. Ted
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