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    Slow season so far for me!!

    Yea, it's slow but Al Gore warned about it ---- climate change.
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    Hope I don't see any, I don't want to take the time out of hunting to get cleaned up.
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    Ky Legislators Crossing the Line

    It is indeed from the unmined minerals tax.
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    Free bees in Fayette county.

    How about it pentail - give us an update.
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    persistents finally pays off

    Limb-lifted that rascal.
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    I need advice, please

    Some of the old A-5's used 2 9/16" shells
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    A choice between shotguns

    Keep what you've got and enjoy it.
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    It is surely a panther.
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    finally was able to get #1 of the year

    Careful with those morels. The last time I found a big bunch, I ate so many at one setting that I made myself sick. Man they are good!!!!
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    Rate this years season

    Solidamundo 10
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    New Commissioner to be voted on 5/02

    There has never, in my time, been a Commissioner of F & W chosen that was not effectively chosen by the Governor. That's just the way it works.
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    Political Dump at Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

    Employee who was fired from the Legislative Research Commission for appearing in an Allison Lundergan Grimes commercial has been hired to a non-merit job at Fish and Wildlife. Political payoff using our sportsmans money. And Richie Farmer was a scandal?
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    Hardest kickin son of a gun

    I'm surprised that you girls aren't blooming.
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    Snakes 1.....fcfishking 0

    How long did it take to get you cleaned up?

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