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    Deer and Covid article. 2/7/22

    Interesting article.
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    8x7 double brow?

    Well you bring up a good point. Elk are like bears. They have zero respect for the property or food choices of people or deer. Elk are gonna do elk stuff.
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    8x7 double brow?

    You gotta be very cautious throwing corn out for elk to eat this time of year. It can kill them. KDFWR gets cases every year where feeding deer corn in January kills some. If deer or elk have been eating corn as part of a daily/regular diet every day for months before winter sets in, they...
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    No Baiting or Mineral/Salt Blocks

    If baiting were to be outlawed across the entire state, I bet it would have zero effect on harvest numbers. And regarding cameras, yes its cool. I used to hang sewing thread across trails back in the 80s just to learn which way a deer was traveling when on that trail. Some people will actually...
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    Best bird taxidermist??

    Who is the best bird taxidermist in the state? Ducks, grouse, quail, woodcock, not turkeys.
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    The Keystone Loss

    The Keystone XL pipeline was going to be used for the Canadian Tarsands oil in Northern Alberta. That oil has been "mined" for many years. Most of it is now shipped by railroad. The railroad company is the Burlington Northern. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates own the Burlington Northern. So...
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    Reclaimed Coal Ground Question

    I have worked with coal companies for 15 years on wildlife habitat restoration, endangered species issues, etc. Based on your comment above, I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.
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    Son is going to Costa Rica

    In the late 1990s I spent a lot of time in Costa Rica doing wildlife research and management, down in the SW part of the country, near the Pacific. It is an awesome place and safe. I have friends that live there. It is civilized. He'll be fine, and the Costa Rican ladies are gorgeous.
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    LBL - New Engagement Platform email

    Heartwood and their like-minded allies will do more than just be at the meetings. They engage the Forest Service and work on these issues every day. Its what they do. Us hunters are one-night, part timers on these issues. The enviros do this for a living.
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    Heartwood and the Boone Grouse plan

    The US Forest Service and the Daniel Boone National Forest controls more potential grouse habitat than anybody else in KY. They could actually do something for grouse. But then you get this...
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    Hunter numbers declining and so is $$ for wildlife conservation

    The article talks about all that. Video games, Netflix, youth sports, urbanization, etc.
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    Hunter numbers declining and so is $$ for wildlife conservation

    Here is a very well written article on how hunter numbers are declining and the impact that is having on wildlife funding. This affects license price increases, and demonstrates one of the problems with reduced prices for senior citizen licenses. Hunter numbers are declining and the population...
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    How do you kill kudzu?

    Tordon herbicide and it might take 2 or 3 applications. Kudzu is tough to kill, but I've done it and seen it done with Tordon.
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    Iowa Bobcat Gets Escorted From Field

    I watched a doe chase a bobcat around for about 10 minutes one day.
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    2016 elk draw

    Just made my $200 donation.

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