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    November 8 roll call

    Seen an 8pt bed down with a doe @530. Not much activity here today.
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    Caught one "Out" this Morning

    Awesome! Nice gun. They have not cut the crops yet here, coyotes are going to be trouble soon as that happens.
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    October coyotes for numbers

    Seems like they have an incredible will to live. I'm without my calls/ gun for a few days (@ my cabin), hoping my target buck will mess up. Seems unlikely ! Guess I will round my calls up and try a few spots soon... Keep getting rid of them
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    October coyotes for numbers

    So October is supposed to be the month when yotes are plentiful. Do you guys really get after them in October? I guess I might be missing out but it's hard for me to focus on them during deer season. Guess I better look into it
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    Is .22 Mag enough?

    22 mag worked for me yesterday day morning, walked out on the porch,only to see a yote standing by one of the food plots. I had to go back inside to get the gun, and figured it would run. Game over now.
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    Rich Storm lawsuit

    Lawsuit has been filed seeking his removal. Anyone read about this ? Must be one of Andy's supporters.
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    Anyone ever legally fly with a firearm?

    The airlines are abusive to luggage ! . I would recommend a sturdy case such as pelican or such. I haven't read the TSA guidelines , but your ammo has be separated from each other, no loose ammo in any way .
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    Soybeans planted

    Good luck... They might grow before they have a chance to wipe them out. Looking good for rainfall in near future.
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    Nothing fancy, 1 bag of trace minerals and 2 bags of salt.
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    Soybeans planted

    Plenty of rain. Hope the deer give them a break for a couple more weeks!
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    Soybeans planted

    Here comes the rain!! The beans are up and looking great, was starting to worry about lack of rain. Put a fresh salt/ mineral site out and added a homemade gravity feeder.
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    Soybeans planted

    I planted a few acres of Laredo forage beans and a few acres of ag beans . Bought them from Southern States, about $35-40 a bag.
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    Soybeans planted

    I used a tiller then broadcast them. Then I tilled them again just enough to get them covered.
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    Soybeans planted

    I got my soybean plots in yesterday. Now the forecast is not showing rain until nine or ten days. At least they are ready for the rain, I have not had much success planting around forecast anyways. They are wrong more often than not, so hopefully it will rain soon . Plan to post updates as they...
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    M16 or AR 15 Blows up in guys face.

    I had a dpms panther .308 , it blew the magazine apart. Would have taken my hand off if it was near the mag. Was shooting some lake city reloads. Do not put your hand on the magazine while firing. It was extremely loud , I disposed of the ammo.