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  • I guess you got my text about the pawpaw. Deer will not eat the twigs or leaves from a pawpaw but they will eat the fruit after it drops.
    There is a range in Floyd County near the entrance to Jenny Wiley State Park.There is actually a guy by the name of Robert Miller from Jackson that shoots that course regularly.I think his wife or gf one also does the same.They shoot traditional (longbows and/or recurves though).They have a website as well. http://ekarchery.org/ . I am originally from Breathitt but live in London now.I occasionally go over there and shoot occasionally maybe 2 or 3 times a year.They have weekly shoots also.I shoot traditional as well.Check out the website and look up Robert picture under pics of their champions for 2007,2008,2010.I think he may live up Redbird Hollow maybe but I am not positive.He is an older gentleman maybe 60+.If you see his pic you may run into him around Jackson sometime.Hope this helps.Very good course by the way.Nice targets as well.I go for practice and dont worry about score though I do keep it occasionally.Hope this helps you out some.
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