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    grill vs griddle

    Purchased a Recteq grill last year, purchased the griddle for it, best grill i have ever owned. The griddle options makes it great without being stuck with just the grill option. These pellet grills are second to none, can put on the meat, take off to the woods hunting and keep tabs on it with...
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    Ouch!! 2019 Boat Registration?

    $3.26 tax $25 reg fee $6.00 fee $ 34.26 total 1980 15ft bass boat with 65hp Approximately same as previous yr. just received in the mail today
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    Remington 141

    Did you ever find one of these? This was my first deer rifle my dad bought for me. The older guy he purchased it from wanted it back afterwards so dad swapped it to the 308 gamemaster he bought to replace it. I still have that gun, but would like to find another 141-35cal.
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    2018/2019 deer harvest photos

    Taken opening day 2:20 pm he was chasing a doe, I keep cameras out year round, I never had a picture of this deer this year. You just never know what’s around during the rut.
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    Picking a cell camera

    If you like the 12.1 you will love the LTE version. Super fast. I averaged 20 seconds when I requested a photo to get a live one sent to me.
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    Fractured skull/pedicel ?

    If he did you couldn't tell it, in the 4th year of his injury , which would have made either 5 or 6 years old, it just seemed to start growing upward in the normal direction. It was really hard letting him pass the multiple times I did that third year. The forth year I seen him few time...
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    Fractured skull/pedicel ?

    I have proof that he could recover and be an outstanding deer. My deer looks very similar to yours, the first year it just flopped when he moved his head, so it was still attached to his skull bone. He shed and the next year it didn't flop at all, so I guess the bone healed and grew back to his...
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    All back from 2017

    Congrats, great looking mounts. Martin has always done all my deer mounts, good friend and very close to home. I'd have to build a larger house if i was to kill a moose that big, it would never fit.. Wife makes me keep'em all in the basement anyways. If i ever killl a booner he will have...
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    Need advice on purchasing a cellular camara

    Check out - they review most popular brands and go above and beyond on customer service.
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    Big Canada moose down

    Congratulations on an awesome hunt and moose.... Sounds exciting...
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    Is it just me

    I can't find the post now, but seen this AM KY Fish & Wildlife posted that the first 3 days of 2017 bow season was record number of deer checked in, over 2000 in the first 3 days. Chart they posted show the past 10 or so years.
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    Out of staters getting drawn

    They make thousand of $$ I'm sure from letting out of state folks into the draw. It is all about the $$$$$$.
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    White Tail Antler Sheds

    I found nice set of sheds on my property, I am thinking of having them board mounted or maybe full shoulder mount. How do I get a tag for them? I assum I need a tag before taking to the taxidermist. Thanks
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    Gravity Feeders

    No coon problems with this one, they can't get into the gate opening. All they get is what is on the ground, and I can only have it drop feed during daylight hours.
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    Gravity Feeders I built one using this timer controlled slide gate this year, been using it for couple months now. It stopped the coons from sitting and racking it all out like they do from my PVC feeders.

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