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    My son shoots an scores on nice Richmond Buck

    First Kentucky buck, He has several in Missouri. Shot Sunday morning on a local farm. Quite proud of him.
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    Was driving back from Colorado today. Saw hundreds of snows in the cut con fields and many more in the air, heading south, on I-64,halfway between Mt.Vernon and Evansville.Hopefully the cold front will push them to you.
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    Question painting aluminum boat

    Wanting to camo a aluminum boat. Do need to sand off existing paint. Do I need to use a primer before adding the base coat, duck brown?
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    best archery point for turkey?

    Body shot fixed or expandable? My goal is to harvest a turkey with a bow this year.
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    How long do you have to wait after killing bull before applying again.

    My son killed Bull in 2012. How long do you have to wait before applying again, 3 Years ? Can he apply for a cow tag?
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    Public land around Kentucky Lake

    Just found out my work is sending me to Kentucky Lake area, near dam for 5 days end of April. Any suggestions to public land in area for Turkeys. Plan on trying some casting and blasting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Electronic decoys legal in Kentucky?

    Just wandering are electronic moving decoys legal in Kentucky?
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    Senate Joint Resolution 67

    Just emailed my State Senator. Jared Carpenter, he is an avid outdoorsman. I asked him to oppose this bill, on the basis of why should HSUS have a voice in KFWD decisions, when only Sportsman dollars fund this department. They(HSUS) have a radical agenda to stop a way life that we all enjoy and...
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    Grilled Pizza

    Question? Do you grill the crust for a little, Pull and add ingrediants or do you just add loaded pizza to grill. Can you do on a gas grill or you a Big Green Egg. Thanks for any help.
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    couple of questions

    Balsamic vinergarrete
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    Deer recipe

    Deer loin cut 1 1/2 thick, Marinate overnight balsamic vinageratte. Wrap in bacon. Salt and pepper. Put on Hot grill .Pull rare to medium rare.
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    Duck -Goose guide needed

    I need a duck hunting guide. I have an 18 year old son that really wants to learn how to Duck hunt. Can anyone recommend someone. I live in Richmond and a school teacher. So my pockets aren't deep. I never have duck hunted so I can't help him. I understand we may need to go to W.Ky Thanks
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    Best smoker under $350

    I have a masterbuilt.. I like it, easy....Butt love my Weber Bullit charcoal smoker..sorry for the pun
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    High rise blind question?

    How long will it take for deer to feel comfortable around a 10 foot high wooden blind. Was planning on putting in middle of a 40 acre food plot. Would it be better on field edge? Primarily going to be used for kids and deer. My brothers youth season is this weekend ( Missouri) Just purchased a...
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    Colorado Opening Weekend

    Heading to Steamboat last week of Sept.bow hunting. If that doesn't work I was drawn for 1st rifle. 4000 acres private land. Been working my butt off to get in shape.