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    6 years old with lots of charactor.

    I always enjoy picking up deer year after year. Its interesting to see the progression in antler growth and the accumulated information on the habits/home range. This buck is estimated at 6 years of age. I have a set of his sheds as a 3 year old and dozens of trail camera pictures. I will be...
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    Your thoughts on this bucks ear.

    I would like to get your opinion on this bucks ear... I can't tell if its the angle, lighting, etc. But it looks like this buck is missing almost his entire left ear. What are your thoughts?
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    a familiar rack

    Its always cool to identify a deer from previos years. Best of luck trying to keep him around... maybe this year.
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    Hightop is back again

    It would be hard not to target that guy.... even if he finishes less desirable. Do you have any pics of him from last year once the velvet came off?
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    A legend is finally gone

    Glad to see that you found him and now can close the book and that big boy. I chased a great deer for 4 years before my dad was furtinate enough to harvest him during rifle season at 6.5 years old. I can say that no other deer has captivaded my attention like the one... hopefully you will start...
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    2014-2015 deer harvest pics

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    Some Awesome Vids and Pics

    Great pics/video... Thanks for sharing and good luck.
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    Help with a shot buck

    I have a tracking dog. PM me with more details.
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    Starting to figure out his pattern...

    Some people call it a pattern, others call it cruising... either way I'm happy to have my tag filled!
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    Starting to figure out his pattern...

    Hunting a new farm is both fun and frustrating. Taking inventory of the bucks on the farm early in the season and identifying the ones I wanted to target this year was a blast... figuring out a way to kill them, well that was the frustrating part. I have tightened the net on at least one of...
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    Frigid Forage "Wild Game Buffet"

    Do you have a herbicide recommendation that will assist in killing the grass but, not affect the turnips / clover?
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    Target buck

    History with a buck always makes it more interesting... sometimes a year makes a HUGE difference. That buck is mature! Hunt him hard and best of luck.
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    Camping for the opener and Yellowbank?

    That sounds like a good time. My friends and I are blessed to have a good stand of private ground to hunt but, we have been talking about packing up and hunting some public ground... making a trip out of it. The past few years have been the same thing, afternoon hunts, short, quick... we talk...
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    Frigid Forage "Wild Game Buffet"

    Question / update on the plot. As I mentioned in the above post, my plot has weeded over pretty good. The deer have heavily browsed the radish and turnip tops, to the point it is hard to even distinguish them from the weed growth. I do have a good base of clover coming on... I spoke with the...
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    4 days growth.

    I'm going to say 4.5 as well. Great picture what brand camera are you using?

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