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    Post up bucks that survived

    couple more. Had very good year with the cameras.
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    Post up bucks that survived

    Couple survivors
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    I am pretty happy with mine so far. Power has picked up the more I drive it. Still only 24 miles on it.
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    I bought the 450 today. Camo, winch, windshield, 4x4. Pretty nice so far. Of course it’s only been 6 hrs
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    Did you buy the hisun ? What do you think? I’m about to sign on one I think.
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    Black Friday roll call

    Blanked today. Cam check is still showing a good buck just at night. Had my son and one of his buddies with me.
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    First deer hunt with my dad

    The buck hut seems pretty dang nice. The canvas material is fairly thick. I am planning on removing the canvas after season to hopefully prolong its life. It’s huge inside.
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    First deer hunt with my dad

    I just bought a farm in late October. 67 acres in Anderson. My dad had only hunted once or twice for deer. I bought a millennium buck hut elevated blind. Opening morning was pretty special. He only wanted to shoot a doe. He just wanted some meat said those antlers don’t taste good. First...
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    11/14 roll call

    Heading out this morning with son and his girlfriend. Trying to get her a buck. We will come out early to go to church. Stay safe and enjoy mothern Mother Nature!!! Lord please be with everyone this morning as they travel to and from their hunting locations, we thank you lord for all the...
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    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Got 2 bucks on the ground!!! My dad got one and I got one. Pics to come. I believe this is the one I shot.
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    Nov 13th. Rifle opener roll call!

    Heading out in 10 minutes or so. Will be in Anderson. Got my dad, son, his girlfriend, and a great friend going to my farm. Should be a fantastic day to enjoy God’s creation. Good luck and stay safe!
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    Canned deer

    Very very good stuff. Look up when they did the KY afield show when Tim did it. Follow his instructions and it is delicious!!!!!!
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    6 Nov Roll Call

    We are going out in Anderson county this morning.
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    Roll call Oct 2

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