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    Foxelli Trail Camera

    I ran across an IR 20MP Foxelli trail camera on Amazon marked down from $99.97 to $49.97 for one day only and was wondering if anyone has tried this brand? I've never heard of Foxelli, but for $50 bucks I thought I might give one a try.
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    Anybody catching sauger yet?
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    Lount Lake,Ontario

    I have a tripped planned to fish Lount Lake in August. It will be my first time there and I’m looking for tips from anyone that has ever fished there.
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    Windy and Warm This Weekend

    With projections of a South wind and temps in the 70s this weekend what do you guys think it will do to the buck activity?
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    Hunting Phone Apps

    I use Antler Insanity too.
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    Stuff I learned about hunting while hunting

    "Take what the day gives you". Over the years we have established some really good hunting sites on our property. I used to start thinking I should probably be in one of our other stands when the action was slow. Once I adopted the philosophy above I don't have that problem any more or at least...
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    Nice afternoon!!

    Nice one!
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    Is it just me or has this site become almost un useable?

    I have such a hard time posting pictures any more that I seldom do it. I suspect others are having the same problem since so few trail cam pics are posted any more.
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    UF vs UK football score prediction thread

    I don't think I've ever even seen a high school team not cover a receiver and we did it twice.
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    Whats in your back pack???

    What kind of portable cell phone chargers are you guys using?
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    Captain Hooks is Dead!

    Congratulations on a super buck! Now I want to hear the details of your hunt and history with this great buck.
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    Best Camo Ever

    There's something on this tree other than my trail camera. Can you find it?
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    Site to download pics to

    How do scale down pics?
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    Post your best trail cam picture

    I was lucky enough to kill this buck with my bow just a few days after this picture was taken.