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    Shooting Hens

    Heck yea! Good eating!
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    A Win for the Cranes

    This is one of the many reasons why I will never get the courier.
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    Bow shop in Louisville

    I went out to Extreme Archery in Shepherdsville last night. Gary got my bow set up and gave me some good tips on getting started. I will be back to his shop if I need anything.
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    Bow shop in Louisville

    8&sand- that is what I do not want to happen. What do you think about dicks sporting goods?
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    Bow shop in Louisville

    I just got a bow for Christmas and would like to know what is a good bow shop in Louisville to take it to. I would like someone to over the bow for with me. I don't have much experience with bow so thought this would be a good idea. So any recommendations?
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    What do you do for a living?

    I sell promotional products for a living. I can put a logo on pretty much anything. I also have 2 part-time security jobs.
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    Box Blinds

    I have been pondering the idea of buying a box blind for a little more comfort while deer hunting. My question is does anybody on here use one? What brand do you have and where did you buy.
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    Last Minute Pendelton Co. Big Buck down.

    That is a nice deer. Like the rack on that one.
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    Outdoor Edge Knives

    I haven't used the outdoor edge knives before. We use LEM knives and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The LEM knives really hold a nice edge.
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    491 Offroad park

    I went to a place called Dirty Turtle Off road. Spent the whole day there and didn't cover all the trails. Went with 5 other rigs and had a blast. It you decide to check it say hi to the trail call the orange crusher.
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    Coyote Den's

    So I was just wondering if anyone has ever found a coyote den. It seems that if you could find the den, it would be a good place to setup on them. For those of you that have found them, what kinds of places are there dens located? I am hoping that I can get out in January an start hunting...
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    Please Help

    Well after talking to the state police today the chances of us getting our bikes are not good. They said that they will keep a look out for six months. Then I guess its over. The Officer said that there was 10 ATV's stolen in the area within the month of October. Said that they are probably...
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    Please Help

    We have insurance on them. But from what I here you don't get near what they are worth. I hope I catch them next. All I can say is we gonna tango.
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    Please Help

    Ok here are pictures of 2 of the atv's. The Camo is the 2000 polaris Sportsman 500. On this bike the front rack is a little bent up. The basket rack on the back was bought from cabela's. The 2004 Sportsman 400 is the yellow one. Still looking for a picture of the 2008. This happened...
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    Please Help

    Hello All I got some bad news today. Apparently someone broke into our farm this past Thursday or Friday. They stole our three ATV's. Just pisses me off. Here is a description of them 2008 Sportsman 500 EFI Green in color 2004 Sportsman 400 Yellow in color 2000 Sportsman 500...

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