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    Redhead waiters.

    Redheaded waiters My wife is a redhead and she don't wait on me. :D
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    Nebraska duck and goose hunting

    If you were headed to SW Iowa, I could tell you all kinds of public places to go and have pretty good luck. Duck season is already closed up there. Snows and blues are open till the middle of Jan. then starts the conservation spring season. Canadas are pretty close to being closed for the...
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    new to the site, looking for people to hunt

    broberts hey, my name is Rick, I live in Lewisport. I too am looking for someone to go with also. Am free most weekends. I am off the week of Christmas, going to try to take the week between Christmas and New Years off also. I have never hunted in KY for anything. I have hunted in SW Iowa...
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    I like my American Arms 10ga side by side, a little heavy but thats what the sling is for. I grew up using a Stevens Mod 311 20 and 12 SxS. My little 20ga has killed many a duck in Iowa. I have also hunted with older Remington 870's with out any problems. Haven't hunted with any newer than...
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    Big Camping Trip To Maine

    Was just in Maine this yesterday. I just flew home from Bangor this morning. I was up in the New England area on business. My trip started in Elizabeth NJ., and finished in Bangor Friday afternoon. My wife and I are planning a trip up there early fall this year. It is very beautifull up...
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    I do believe that if I were on the receiving end of the airboat spray, I think I would have to help him leave with some BB's. I know it don't make it right, but I would feel better. Seriously, I would never do anything like that. But if I ever saw boat unattended, it may not start the...
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    Close Landings

    While picking up decoys I have had ducks landing in the water while we were picking up our decoys after shooting hours. Of course it was rainy, very overcast and getting dark fast. I love hunting ducks after it has been raining most of the day and they have been feeding the fields, trying to...
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    Christmas Duck Hunt

    Sounds like you had fun. I would love to been able to go out today. Oh well. Congrads on your birds Rick
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    Moose Pics

    Here are some pics of an Albino Moose that my brother in Mich. emailed to me. Thought I would share them with you all. Rick
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    geese in the rain....12/23

    Congrads on the Honkers. Sure looks you all had a lot of fun. Nice birds. Rick
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    Owensboro area

    Thanks for the replies, they are greatly appreciated. I have driven thru part of the Slough's a little over a year ago, they look very promising. But I just haven't had the time to do much scouting since taking on this new job a year ago Aug. Again thanks for the replies. Have a Merry...
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    Owensboro area

    Hello Everybody, First off I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and most importantly a safe hunting season. A little bit about myself. I moved to Lewisport, Ky. just before Christmas of 06 from Council Bluffs Ia. I grew up huning waterfowl, upland game and...

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