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    Well, I did my part......lines at the polls.

    Our precinct had as many votes cast at noon as usually cast all day. Being we're in a republican enclave, that's good. BTW: Good luck with your election, Slick. I voted for you
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    IMHO, the 7mm/08 is a member of the medium caliber high speed rifles. With a 140 gr bullet, it is essentially the functional equivalent of a 270, a 7x57 and such. I don't believe that any round in its class gives a tremendous advantage over any other. The case could be made that the 7mm/08...
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    Grandson on the way!

    As some of you might know, my first grandchild is going to be born about April 1. Today, my daughter and son in law found out it will be a son. I've got to start laying back dough for the kid's first tackle box, fishing rod and .22 rifle. After all, no progeny of mine will be without the...
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    House Bill 1

    Jim Wayne, liberal dem from Louisville opposes it. That's the best of all possible litmus test for voting. If Jim Wayne's for it, be against it. If he's against it, vote for it.
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    New Rifle

    Ruger American in .270. Just got one and love it!
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    SEALs "gutless"

    Gutless? If it were a Recon Marine or a Ranger calling a SEAL gutless, there's room for good-spirited argument. Lacking that, I would not want to be the one calling any one of the three gutless. I suspect that there are a lot of bad guys who would agree with their last dying breath.
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    Here's Why KDFWR Commissioners Should Not Be Elected By the General Population

    Before we get too far afield, let's consider how we got where we are at. In the 1930's when Ding Darling was the head of the US Biological Survey (now the US Fish and Wildlife Service) he hatched the idea of states having an independent commission run their department (conservation department...
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    thoughts on teenager's cars?

    My kids both learned to drive on and started their motoring career in an aged Ford Ranger that had been in the family since 1990. It was old, ugly and carried only one other passenger, so they viewed it as transportation of last resort rather than a status symbol. In college, I bought them old...
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    Strader Lawsuit

    Folks, I can't say with 100% assurance but given Jon's advertising and the fact that the state ethics commission approved his business that he's a) within the guidelines of State government, b) doing the work he does in states other than Kentucky where folks cannot access the services of his...
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    Strader Lawsuit

    Guys, I'm going to violate a promise to myself and have more comment on this subject than my first. Please bear with me as I pose a few questions: 1) Are the KWFR, Jon Gassett, each of us or Jim Strader for that matter perfect? Hardly. We are all part of a groping society; that is we all...
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    New Idea ... looking for writers / bloggers

    I'm in. Rather than the technical end, I'd like to write about the heart,soul, traditions and lore of our sports
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    Herald-Leader article on KDFWR

    Before this becomes another whizzing and moaning contest, please, please, please read my latest post under Strader Lawsuit in the Community forum.
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    Strader Lawsuit

    I wrote the following column from my hospital bed for our Club's newsletter. I am recovering from a life-threatening illness and after 3 months expect to go home this week. I'll live and be able to hunt and fish and enjoy the great outdoors very soon. Anyway, I'd like to share with you the...
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    Any thoughts on Tankless electric water heaters?

    Or like one Irish plumber said to another in the pub about a tight space for his plumbing, lordy me, it's a tankless job, it is!
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    Recuperation musings

    BULLY PULPIT This month we’ve got a special bully pulpit to explain a rather cryptic message in the last newsletter. Consider it if you will. Those of you who read the June edition of the 'Creeker Gazette realize I've been sick. Really sick, as in the doctors gave me an 80/20 shot of needing...

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