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  • Hey CVN, Hope your doing well. You catching any Cats these days?

    Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!
    Poor hunting this year, no sign at all on top, very little on the river. I sent some people down to laurel creek and theyt came back with a bobcat. I hear there is some sign on clear fork river.
    Don, I would be glad to next time your are around the area. The cat season closes on the 31st of Jan.
    Get on Tnturkey and E-mail Sackett he will contace Hank and get you set up. There are several guys from Oneida on there and some all around great guys.
    Hello CVN, Im from tateville (up on 27 before Burnside) but I moved to Bowling Green to go to school in 1977 and stayed. Ive hunted all my life but have never set a trap. Any chance you would show a man how to set to catch those cats? Ive only seen 3 while hunting.Before I left the area I deer hunted Peters Mt. and my grandparents place close to Beaver Creek WMA. Ive been trying to get on the TNTURKEY but they havent turned me on yet. I would rather turkey hunt than eat..well almost. Talk to you later. thanks,Don
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