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  • I advise you to pay for quality one time, cry a little, and then be happy for a long time. You get what you pay for in ecallers, and that is a fact. Same goes true for custom calls as compared to store bought calls. No comparison there either.
    I don't know anything about the mini phantom. I am a member of the Foxpro Field Staff and it is enough to know about their ecallers.
    is the mini phantom any good just geting into yot hunting and would like to l know what the good stuff is thanks for any help or tips
    well the guy said he was with a guy that supposedlly had permission from Rolen...but matt said no one did.... But he got the name of the guy that he was with so now we gotta get up with that guy. this is crazy man, we r just going to have to put up video cameras or something
    ya we found out who he was and where he lived, dads going to go question him tuesday. So we will find out then i guess. I dont know why all these people randomly go up there
    ahhh maybe better luck tommorow.... sounds good on the deer and turkey though.. Maybe next weekend we can go to this spot in corbin i know about, supposed to be a black coyote running around there
    Hey just wanted to know if you used the Primos power dog? If yes have you had any luck with it. THX
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