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  • I drew a bull archery tag this year and am new to elk hunting. Would you be willing to give some advice on where to scout? Public land options are very limited with the LEAs. Is Carr Creek Lake WMA worth scouting? If so what part? I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.
    Cowkiller I'd like to get up with you when your not busy. Would like to get more info on the area. Cell me 859-481-4412. There will be another guy from Washington co. Hunting 3b. Any info will be helpful.
    Hey Jerry, I was up there this weekend the place is crawing with hunters..Plus all the deer hunters. I have been out alot over the last few weeks I have not been seeing alot. I think all the peopkle out playing on the atv's is running then off. You cant go 100 foot with out running into someone. The roads are horrible on that job also. you have to have an atv to get there.
    Hi Tina ,
    I met you at the elk expo last year and chatted with you several times through this forum about elk hunting in 3a . My son drew a cow elk tag last year and was lucky enough to get one. This year the lucky dog drew a 1st week rifle l tag for a bull. He has permission to hunt the ICG coal property near Raven . While scouting the area I noticed that there was a large strip mined area at the end of Thornsberry Ln. Is that area ICG property ? The maps that they gave me are terrible , I can't make heads or tails of them. HELP!
    Jerry Shell
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