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    Checking firearm at the airport

    Nice. Mine are just plain old military style pelicans
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    Checking firearm at the airport

    Same. Seattle, Denver, and Chicago Ohare all had the gun case kept back in TSA office and I had to go show ID and checked bag tag to retrieve.
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    Queen Elizabeth passed away

    She was a quiet icon of class and dignity in a world that has mostly lost those traits. From a sporting stand point she used to run labradors from her kennel in field trials and at grouse/pheasant shoots. She only quite the trials because her security detail was making it such a pain for...
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    Checking firearm at the airport

    If you are unfamiliar with the airport procedures get there at least 3 hours early. I’ve had agents that knew what they were doing and moved quickly but I’ve also had agents that had call for supervisors and wait around for a long time. As said above, print off a copy of at specific airlines...
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    Air rifle for doves.

    No. Can’t shoot migratory birds with a rifle. So, unless you have one of those cross man air shotguns from back in the 80s, or have a smooth bore gun that has accuracy (most smooth b ores don’t) then you are out of luck.
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    New Mexico Antelope Hunt

    Congrats on the antelope. Sorry to hear of your family loss, but having had a grandmother and grandfather go with Alzheimer’s I fully understand your relief at them finally being free instead of trapped inside their own body. How were the conditions in NM? I just got back from a visit to my...
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    FBI Raiding Trumps Home in Florida

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    Nancy Pelosi Shoves Daughter Of Mayra Flores

    It’s gonna be all over the campaign trail this fall. Regardless of what actually happened, the GOP is gonna be using that in Latino districts/markets to help more Latinos either vote GOP or not vote Democrat Bet Nancy wishes she could take that back!
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    Couple things that I noticed this week

    She stepped in it today when she tweeted out that she was pro-life and approved of the recent SCOTUS decision. Any of those libs that were thinking about crossing have probably changed their minds back
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    Kentucky derby

    I have an advanced degree in statistics and once crunched all the numbers on an entire meet at Keeneland. What I eventually figured out was to never bet on the horse, bet on the jockeys. Winning jockeys can pick a horse and won’t ride junk. Once you can identify the top5 Jockeys yours odds go...
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    Kentucky derby

    It’s after the fact - but I am a mad skilled horse picker. Guaranteed any horse I pick will be on of the last 3. Win Place Show is top 3, I need a catchy name for dead last, just before dead last, and just before just before dead last.
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    Not our father's democrat party.

    What makes you think he isn’t still voting democrat? 81 Billion votes had to come from somewhere!
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    Trumps Latest Scam to raise money from his supporters.

    I’ll give Ol Orange Man half of what my 401K has lost since Bumblin Brandon has taken office, if I can have the balance I had in 2 Nov 2020 Four beautiful years of low costs and excellent market gains, and most of it lost within 1 year of the POSUS and his cackling hyena pet.
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    Crazy question of the day….

    1.“[M]y religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.” ― Stonewall...
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    I knew it!!!

    I had a spot like that in MS. It was a very large block of public land, with a swamp in the middle. In the middle of the swamp was a small island. Get there two hours before daybreak and then listen to the car doors slamming up on the road, and here came the deer. Was as guaranteed of a spot...

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