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    If you get drawn, how do you find out? I've never had to worry about it. Do they send you an email?
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    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    I think I've seen them mentioned, but I believe hawks put quite a dent in the poult population. I've watched a pair of hawks follow 2 hens and their poults, both picking off 1 in a 5 minute period. Waaay too many hawks.
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    Hopefully people read and understand this article

    I used to do the same thing. But then I ended up with carpet beetles, which destroyed a number of my mounts, deer, coyote, fox, partridge, grouse, duck, and badger. I have over 40 mounts in my condo, but one day the bugs came. I couldn't figure out how they got can barely see them. Then...
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    Hopefully people read and understand this article

    I'm not up on the exact science of it all, but it seems odd, at least to me, that hens are that picky when it comes to breeding. So if you are lucky enough to kill the dominate bird by non-reaping measures, many hens won't be bred because the stud tom is dead? I guess I always figured in most...
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    Turkey Population

    I have not experienced/noticed the decline that most are reporting, but perhaps it's headed my way
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    Trump is done.

    By the time the election comes around, most people will have forgotten what Trump said about Powell. As much as I enjoyed him as my president, I don't want to see him run again - he can only serve one more term, I'd much rather have a strong Republican who could serve consecutive terms. Plus...
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    Fort Knox this weekend

    Did anyone take a youth to Knox this past weekend? If so, how was it?
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    Fort Knox registration help

    I hunted Knox for many years, but not since the isportsman has been out. I decided to try turkey hunting there this year. Apparently I have an isportsman account, but it's not active. I sent an email to get it reactivated. I know my guns will need to be registered once again. I have tried to...
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    Where are all the quail

    Turkeys do? I guess I never thought about it. But now that you mention it, we always throw baby mice in and watch the chickens eat them. I wouldn't have guessed turkeys would eat eggs though. Thanks for the info
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    Where are all the quail

    For my own knowledge, how?
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    Current tally

    I appreciate the feedback. We pulled our traps today. Got 1 more coon for a total of 40. That's over 4 different properties, totaling about 1000 acres. I have no idea how many coons, possums, etc... there are on that much land. Not sure if it even makes a dent. I do know that we haven't seen but...
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    Current tally

    We decided we were going to trap this year, to see if we could help the turkey population. Bought licenses, traps, etc... Our current tally is 39 coons, 13 possums, 3 skunks, 1 red fox, 1 bobcat, 16 coyotes and 3 mice. I'm starting to have an ethical issue with all this simply because other than...
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    Roll call 12/30

    I've seen 8 so far. Just shot a doe. Need 1 more for a season wrap up
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    Also need opinion

    I appreciate the comments...thank you and Merry Christmas!
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    Also need opinion

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