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    One of the reasons I carry carry an extra pair in my bag.
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    Acorns instead of corn...

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    Elk decline? Anyone see this?

    During a few scouting trips, we talked to some locals. Those statements are all true, except for the end where they claim to be taking from private lands where the elk cause damage or the public to gain access. Had several locals say they watched the state trap and haul out elk in the area we...
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    Grandson Got 1

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    2016-2017 deer harvest photos

    My son's first buck with a bow and biggest buck to date. Killed 9/5.
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    Sons first buck with a bow

    I am late posting this, but here is my son Jacobs first buck with a bow and his biggest buck so far. He has had a few opportunities in the past, but never quite closed deal. He was extremely excited to say the least. He put an excellent shot on the deer, but it was one of the hardest tracking...
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    Fall plot pics

    Here is one of my food plots this year. Planted about 1/2 acre of oats, with some a small strip of turnips around the bottom edge. Somehow a few turnips got in with the oats. The bottom pic is a turnip in the oats. These pics are almost a month old, some of the turnips are as big as a softball.
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    Found Him.

    Congratulations!!!! Good job of not giving up!!!
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    First bow kill in nine years

    Awesome job!!!
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    Well done Louisville!

    Unfortunately it happens too often in my opinion, but as they say, "opinions are like arse holes, everybody has one and they all stink"
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    Well done Louisville!
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    Ky. Turkey Hunter gone Home

    Sorry to hear about your loss, sending prayers to you and your family.
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    Ol'Blue - UPDATE...

    Glad to hear you got him back!
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    Bought my 1st USA Trail Cam

    Don't click on the link above, not sure what happened, but pretty sure they don't sell trail cameras on that site. LOL
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    Big Buck from Allen Co.

    I feel the same way. My only problem is that if that is your cup of tea, then don't post pics all over the internet without stating that you PAID someone else to do all the leg work for you. I don't like the "bragging", for a lack of better words. As a "hunter" I enjoy not only seeing pics of...

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