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    Joe Biden Shoved America Even Closer to Nuclear War With Russia Today

    I saw a couple of 155 cannons on flatbed 5ton army trucks on the BG last week, wondering if they we’re heading to Ukrainian people,
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    51 illegals dead....

    I have had a lot of immigrants help me over the years, for the most part they are good family people, this break my heart, no one deserve to die like that,
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    Paranoid in Shepherdsville

    It’s all fun and games till you behind the wire with him lol
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    Electric tractors

    Like to see it on a 33 degree day in the mud putting hay out, axle deep
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    Louisville Mayor = National Headlines

    He got knocked the F?$& out
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    Happy Father's Day

    I lost my dad couple years ago, hardest working man I ever known, they don’t make them like that anymore, I sure do miss him. He was a busy man but taught me how to work, he got took advantage of by people for his kindness and generosity, kind of hardened me up to some people but In his day they...
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    Big buck in prospect

    Put a stand on Pnc bank roof lime kiln and 42 ,
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    Big buck in prospect

    Harrod’s creek brute,
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    Big buck in prospect

    Saw a stud 10 point or bigger on us 42 this afternoon, he was running scared close to The road and in a commercial area, I hope pour guy didn’t get hit, probably 20 inch wide and big tines and still has plenty of time to grow, I never saw one develop that much now, he looked like a dream buck...
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    Stock market

    Interest going up and the stock market down, only get mugged paying taxes and buying gas, this is a steep drop, just concerns me a little bit
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    Fixin to get hot

    It is not impossible to do it’s just very hard on the concrete and the workers, especially if it’s getting tested then the material temps can get rejected, I just hate 90 plus degrees heat,
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    Fixin to get hot

    Cement will flash set at 96 degrees, hot weather is harder on it than freezing weather, I hate it, I turn nocturnal 2am pours and sleep in the afternoon,
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    food shortage, etc.

    All my illegal immigrants help are getting there own jobs from FB and cutting me out, they not a very loyal cultural, they go for the throat
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    Anyone ever

    I wish I had our old one to restore,
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    Anyone ever

    Always loved the sound of a tobacco setters, holland single row