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    Just signed in for the first time in a long long long time and seen this.. SORRY for the looong...

    Just signed in for the first time in a long long long time and seen this.. SORRY for the looong delay. I was hoping to already have the next DVD out BUT I had several set backs. My father in law had his leg amputated and I dropped everything to help him then I had a stroke and could not blow...
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    Some of the nicest pictures of coyotes I have seen. I am going to have to do a search on here and find some of these other pictures you guys speak of.. Where were you at with all that Snow in march???
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    Any ideas??

    These guys have given you some good advice here. I would wait till around 10am,drive a different vehicle, call a cross wind and call very sparingly..
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    Just starting - many questions -

    I would shoot the 50-55gr bullets from that rifle personally. I have killed many coyotes with the 40gr V-max from a 14” contender stone dead but have had several splashes and when shooting quick on close coyotes at odd angles the 40g just doesn’t have the penetration to drive through. Have had...
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    new mid range rifle is finished

    Judd Nice compact AR. I would like to build a good short light AR for coyote hunting. I too shoot a 300 Whisper but shoot supersonic 110Vmax and 125BT Noslers with a 16” barrel.With the 110’s I had a point blank range to 200yards. I was thinking of having it cut down to around 12” and mating it...
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    mountain lions

    The biggest concern at LBL is that the Black Panthers there are interbreeding with the local cat population. You may think you are closing in on a run of the mill house cat when in deed you are about to get eaten by a interbreed Black Panther. be careful out there........ Here is a...
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    Well, How did the LBL hunt go anyway???

    If you missed out on the Annual LBL hunt this year then go ahead and mark your calendar for next year’s hunt. It is an experience of a lifetime getting to hang out and chew the fat with other coyote hunters from around the country. I look forward the LBL hunt every year, not the hunting but...
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    WeedWalker AKA Yote Magnet

    Ed (Weedwalker) is truly a great person and coyote hunter. In my 27 years of coyote hunting I have meet several hunters with lots of kills but still don’t have a clue about hunting coyotes or reading the coyotes in front of them. Ed is a true hunter and not just a killer. He sees things while...
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    Cronk Howler and Killer Call..

    Been reading here off and on and a member since 2009 (I think). Had to pop in and Razz you a little. Will it be you are AL that rats to Cronk and gets him over here.LOL!!!
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    Cronk Howler and Killer Call..

    screamin6x6, Thanks for the heads up, I will have to pay closer attention next time I get to go hunt. LOL
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    Cronk Howler and Killer Call..

    You would be better served with a E.L.K. for coyote vocals and distress sounds and change the latex reed every 2 months. I have tried several Cronk Calls and it was a totally different outcome than the guys above. Very hard to blow and sounds terrible but take into consideration lots of...

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